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Weekly news digest 17.12-30.12

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The days of knowledge self-testing based on the service My Skills started at the Dima Rogachev Center

The days of knowledge self-testing based on the service My Skills developed by the Moscow Center for Quality of Education started at the Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology on December 17, 2018. This was announced by the center school principal Sergey Sharikov.

Patients of the center will be able to check their knowledge in all school disciplines; the service also includes simulators of examination forms’ filling.


The Association for the Quality Management of Education launched a flash mob on educational events in 2018

On the eve of the New Year 2019, the Association for the Quality Management of Education launched a flash mob "Remember2018" in the social networks to remember the prominent and significant events in educational system. This was announced by the Chairman of the Association Vasily Levchenko.

“By doing this we offer to list significant events of the outgoing year in the field of Moscow education. For us, one of the most significant events was the Moscow Global Forum "City for Education". Sharing the main events it is important to involve the others to the flash mob using the hashtag #Education2018,” explained Vasily Levchenko.


Moscow schoolchildren prepare for pre-professional exam

From March 1 to April 30, 2019, the 11th grade students of engineering, medical, academic (scientific and technological) and cadet classes of Moscow schools will pass pre-professional exam. Any graduate of a Moscow school may take part in the pre-professional exam.

Before January 10, 2019, the student must submit an application to his school indicating the university and the area of the practical part of the exam. Before January 10, 2019, the schools not participating in a pre-professional education project should send a letter with a request for login and password to register participants to the address predprofil@mcko.ru.


Informatization of preschool education was discussed at online seminar in the Moscow Center for Quality of Education

In the webinar "Informatization of Preschool Education", which was held on December 13, 2018 in the Moscow Center for Quality of Education, the experience of introducing innovations and educational findings into pedagogical practice using informatization tools was presented.

During the broadcast, Vitaly Sokolov launched a new section devoted to events and opportunities of the Preschooler’s Laboratory which recently had been opened at the Moscow Center for Quality of Education. The videos about the laboratory will be broadcast as part of the following webinars “Evaluating the Quality of Preschool Education”.


Draft schedules of EGE, OGE and GVE of 2019 were published

The Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science published draft schedules for the Unified State Exam (EGE), the Main State Exam (OGE), and the State Final Exam (GVE) for 2019.

The schedule of the State Final Attestation (GIA) for graduates of the 9th and 11th grades will not be significantly changed comparing to the last year. As usual, in 2019, the Unified State Exam will be held in three stages: early (from March 20 to April 10), main (from May 27 to July 1) and additional (from September 3 to September 20). The early and main stages of the Unified State Exam will begin with exams in geography and literature.


Moscow schoolchildren awarded at the Saturday of the Future

More than 300 Moscow schoolchildren won the competition "My Achievements in My City". The winners were awarded on December 22 at the “Saturdays of the Future” project.

The winners of the competition were announced in two nominations: among the class groups of educational organizations of Moscow on metadisciplinary knowledge and skills, and in the individual competition in natural science among Moscow schoolchildren.

The winners received prizes and gifts: a hoverboard, a wireless loudspeaker, wireless headphones, as well as the opportunity to take part in excursions to the Cosmos pavilion at the VDNKh, Moscow Planetarium, the Museum of the Human`s Living Systems, Mosfilm film studio and Experimentanium museum.


Participation of representatives of the Moscow Center for Quality of Education in the development of new tasks of the international study PIRLS-2021

On December 2-7, 2018 in Taipei (Taiwan), a regular meeting of national coordinators of the international study on the assessment of reading quality and text comprehension PIRLS-2021 was held. During the meeting, tasks and criteria for their evaluation were developed for the approbation phase of the study in 2020.

In 2021, it is planned to change the technology of the study - the transition to a digital platform that will allow the fourth-graders to perform interesting interactive tasks.


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